The Data Lakehouse

The Lakehouse seamlessly integrates a data warehouse and data lake, enabling organizations to capture and manage enterprise data from diverse business units. This unified platform facilitates the generation of actionable business insights by harnessing the combined capabilities of both data storage architectures

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Data Lakehouse

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Data Lakehouse Architecture
Unified Governance + Unified Data
Unified. Open. Scalable.

The Data intelligence platform is built on lakehouse architecture, which combines the best elements of data lakes and data warehouses to help you reduce costs and deliver on your data and AI initiatives faster.

Built on open source and open standards, a lakehouse simplifies your data estate by eliminating the silos that historically complicate data and AI.

Our Strength

At the core of our endeavor lies a fusion of expertise and innovation. With Acarin as our foundation, we harness cutting-edge technology and deep industry knowledge to architect robust Datalakehouses. Our strength emanates from a relentless commitment to precision, scalability, and the seamless integration of disparate data sources, empowering organizations to navigate the data landscape with confidence and agility.

Acarin Services

Cloud Migration

We have assisted 30+ customers in migrating their data platforms from on-premise to AWS, Azure, and GCP Cloud.

Data Engineering

Our framework powered by Databricks offers 50+ seamless data transformation capabilities, ready for immediate deployment. Experience streamlined data engineering with rapid turnaround times.

Solution Architecture

We assess, build, and deliver the data solution architecture within two weeks and demonstrate it with a working prototype in 6 weeks. This is part of the gene, and we live and breathe in this service.

Creating Visualizations

Designing and delivering stunning and drill-down business insights dashboards and reports in 2 weeks. Ready to test us?

Create & Manage Governance

We have the governance framework to enforce your Lakehouse platform’s data and access security. We know it all and have delivered managed services to both the government and the private sector.


Let us assess and point out areas for improvement in your current implementation and how you can modernize it with actionable business value.

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